Low Slope Roofing Inspections

Roofs Protect 90% of your building's Interior

Water > Mould > Rot

Low-slope and flat roofs are most often used in commercial buildings, for good reason. They’re cost-effective and fairly easy to install. They can even be more energy efficient. Easily accessible, they provide an ideal location for HVAC units, solar panels and communication equipment. But the same characteristics that make low-slope and flat roofs so effective can lead to major problems — if not properly maintained.


What does it all mean for your roof’s longevity and your budget?


Understanding the history of the different components and their interaction with each other is key to understanding the cost, as well as the value, of your roof system.


The Probem

Low-slope and flat roofs can’t shed water as quickly as a steeper one can, which means there’s a greater chance of water leaking through the roof during periods of prolonged, wind-driven rain. If not properly maintained, drainage becomes an issue. Ponding water can cause the roof to sag under the weight and lead to interior damage.


The Inspection

We analyze and assess the condition of your roof to determine any causes of failure. This may include destructive testing and infrared scanning. This detailed analysis enables us to provide you with the most comprehensive information you need for informed decisions regarding repair and restoration strategies.


The Solution 

At Wapiti Inspections, we offer expert guidance for both commercial and residential low slope roofs, We employ core cuts, moisture meters or infrared thermography as required to help determine the causes of failure. If your building’s roof has leaks, we’ll provide the information and strategies you need to start the repair process.

Low Slope Roofing Types

BUR, TPO, SBS, EPDM, PVC, Single Ply, Two-ply, Four Ply.  Isocyanate, EPS, EXPS, Mineral wool, Fibreboard, Fibreglass. Overlays, underlays.  Inverted, conventional. Fully adhered, mechanically fastened, loose laid. Hot applied, cold applied, fluid applied.  


Our Process

Our commitment to you begins with a detailed inspection of your roof. Our report on our findings includes our recommendations for restoration and a detailed budget. We also offer project management to complete your restoration.

Our Services

  • Assessment and Planning

  • Project Management 

  • Specification preparation

  • Quality Assurance Observations

  • Contract Administration

Assessment & Planning

  • Detailed Inspections 

  • Infrared Thermography

  • Restoration Scope

  • Budgeting

Project Management 

  • Specification preparation 

  • Tender meetings

  • Contractor Review

  • Contractor Award 

  • Contract Preparation 

Restoration & Quality Assurance

  • Project Lead 

  • Pre-start meeting with contractors

  • Regular on-site inspections 

  • Final Inspections 

  • Sign off on restoration

Contract Administration

  • CC/DC (Construction contracts documents Canada)

  • Submittal Management 

  • Invoice Management 

  • Warranty Management


After you call us, what's next?

Whether it’s an emergency call during a storm or moderate moisture, the first step after you call us is a detailed inspection. Using investigative techniques and our infrared thermography tools, we analyze roof conditions to determine any causes of failure, assess air and vapour leakage, inter-assembly damage, condensation levels, temperature and humidity, all mechanical systems and more.

With this information, you’ll be fully armed to reach informed decisions regarding repair and restoration strategies.

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