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Building Envelops in the Design Phase


Building Enclosure

Combining 40 years of experience with the latest technology

Design your Building Enclosure 

Many building owners don’t give their building envelope a second thought, until unwanted water and other signs of deterioration appear. At Wapiti Inspections, we offer experience & guidance for both commercial and residential building enclosures and envelopes. 


  • We investigate envelope/enclosure failure on existing buildings

  • We offer project management for restoration

Every building enclosure comprises the roof, foundation, exterior walls, and all windows and doors. The enclosure is meant to protect against the elements, including moisture and temperature control. But design deficiencies, poor workmanship, or acts of Nature can result in structural failure. Many times there has been no oversight during construction, or any inspections afterward.

We employ infrared thermography and dedicated software to help determine the causes of failure. If your building has leaks, mold or rot, we’ll provide the information and strategies you need to start the repair process.



  • Mould

  • Water

  • Rot inside a wall (often noticed during a repair for a different issue)


During our years of work on building enclosure restoration, we’ve seen many reasons for failure. Rain is often the culprit, but moisture that penetrates the building exterior or is trapped within the envelope can be due to a variety of reasons, including condensation, glass and material finish failures. The dramatic temperature changes from day to day in Alberta can also lead to cracking and component separation.


Our Process

Our commitment to you begins with a detailed inspection of your building. Our report on our findings includes our recommendations for restoration and a detailed budget. We also offer project management to complete your restoration.

Our Services

  • Third Party Quality Assurance Obersvations

  • Roof Inspections

  • Building Envelope Leak Investigations 

  • Envelope Restoration Services

  • Balcony Integrity Investigation/Restoration

  • Storm Damage Assessment Services

Assessment & Planning

  • Detailed Inspections 

  • Infrared Thermography

  • Restoration Scope

  • Budgeting

Project Management 

  • Specification preparation 

  • Tender meetings

  • Contractor Review

  • Contractor Award 

  • Contract Preparation 

Restoration & Quality Assurance

  • Project Lead 

  • Pre-start meeting with contractors

  • Regular on-site inspections 

  • Final Inspections 

  • Sign off on restoration

Contract Administration

  • CC/DC (Construction contracts documents Canada)

  • Submittal Management 

  • Invoice Management 

  • Warranty Management


After you call us, what's next?

Whether it’s an emergency call during a storm or moderate moisture, the first step after you call us is a detailed inspection. Using investigative techniques and our infrared thermography tools, we analyze building envelope conditions to determine any causes of failure, assess air and vapour leakage, inter-assembly damage, condensation levels, temperature and humidity, all mechanical systems and more.

With this information, you’ll be fully armed to reach informed decisions regarding repair and restoration strategies.

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Rocket Web Labs Inc. Wix MLS Real Estate Integration

Ready to take the next step?

Contact us today to find out how Wapiti Inspections can help your building’s enclosure.


At Wapiti Inspections, we pride ourselves on the quality of our service and the depth of our knowledge and experience. We have protected the integrity of our clients’ building enclosures for 40 years, analyzing hundreds of commercial and residential buildings. LEARN MORE


We are specialists in commercial and residential building enclosures. This includes roofing, building envelops, and waterproofing. We consult during the design phase and existing buildings.  LEARN MORE


We’re one of the few building enclosure specialists in Calgary certified in Infrared Thermography. Utilizing our decades of experience and our dedicated camera and software, we are equipped to complete a meticulous, detailed investigation of your building. LEARN MORE

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