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Building Envelops in the Design Phase


Building Enclosure

Design Consulting

Design your Building Enclosure 

When is the best time to pay attention to your building envelope? Before construction begins, during the design phase. 


Design deficiencies, combined with poor workmanship during construction, can cause many problems that are easily avoidable, even with the challenges that extreme weather can bring.


For both residential and commercial buildings, bringing on an experienced, qualified expert from the beginning can prevent expensive problems down the road with the building enclosure (which includes cladding, glazing, roofing and waterproofing). In addition to extending the lifespan of your enclosure for years into the future, taking this step will prevent the need for post-construction consulting.

Combining 40 years of experience with the latest technology

At Wapiti Inspections, we offer expert guidance for commercial and residential building enclosures and envelopes. We have decades of experience ensuring proper design and construction to achieve the maximum performance for every new build.

Our Services

  • Collaborate with architects, developers, and contractors during the initial design phase

  • Provide specialized industry-standard testing services

  • Code compliance

  • Project plan creation

  • Deliver guidance for aesthetic, performance, and durability goals

  • Maximize energy efficiency

  • Deliver guidance for proactive maintenance


Wapiti Inspections

At Wapiti Inspections, we collaborate with architects, developers and contractors during the initial design phase. We provide specialized industry-standard testing services, code compliance and project plan creation, all to ensure the maximum durability of the entire enclosure.

With our extensive structural knowledge of building materials and systems, we deliver guidance to achieve the aesthetic, performance and durability goals of every project with maximum energy efficiency. We also advise on proactive maintenance.


At Wapiti Inspections, we pride ourselves on the quality of our service and the depth of our knowledge and experience. We have protected the integrity of our clients’ building enclosures for 40 years, analyzing hundreds of commercial and residential buildings. LEARN MORE


We are specialists in commercial and residential building enclosures. This includes roofing, building envelops, and waterproofing. We consult during the design phase and existing buildings.  LEARN MORE


We’re one of the few building enclosure specialists in Calgary certified in Infrared Thermography. Utilizing our decades of experience and our dedicated camera and software, we are equipped to complete a meticulous, detailed investigation of your building. LEARN MORE

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Rocket Web Labs Inc. Wix MLS Real Estate Integration
Rocket Web Labs Inc. Wix MLS Real Estate Integration

Ready to take the next step?

Contact us today to find out how Wapiti Inspections can help your building’s enclosure.

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